Where does the name Burger Fiction come from?

The name Burger Fiction was a combined effort. We don't have a great story about why we picked that name. We just said it out loud and it was a lot more fun and different than the others ideas we had, so it stuck. As for the idea to make one video every week, that stemmed from necessity. We needed something that would force us to create each and every week. So we decided to create a video every single week of 2015. We announced our plan on social media to further lock us in.


How do you come up with your ideas?

It varies really. Sometimes we have a feeling or a thought about a movie or movies and that turns into an idea. Other times we have an idea that could be cool and then we search the internet to see if such a thing is possible. Videos like "Movie Kids Have The Best Friends" stems from memories and feelings towards certain movies, while "An Improbable Weapon Supercut" was an idea that was reinforced after doing research online. We always want to make something that we want to watch ourselves.


How long does it take to make a video?

We speed anywhere from 15-40 hours on a video. Cutting down a trilogy into 90seconds doesn't take nearly as long as going through all 40 of Jason Statham's movies to find every punch he's thrown.


Do you have to like a movie to use it?

Absolutely not. We have worked with many movies that we do not like. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy working with those movies. In our video "The Matrix Trilogy in 90seconds" it was a comedic choice to include very little of the two Matrix sequels. We don't care for the sequels very much, but we can still make them a fun part of the edit. 


Why didn’t you include X movie?

Chances are we didn’t miss a movie, but rather chose to not include it for a number of reasons. It could not fit into our video based on the rules we set for that video. It could just not fit into the flow of the edit. Or we simply deny that movie any proof of existence because it’s just that bad. The world may never know.


Do you have any interest in working with our brand on a video?

Yep, sure, possibly. We’re open to talking with brands about working together and we’ve done that in the past. Easiest way to start the conversation is to drop us a line.